Privately owned firearms must be registered on Hill

Privately owned firearms must be registered on Hill

Air Force Instruction 31-101 directs installation commanders to develop and implement guidance governing use and control of privately owned firearms (POF). Here, the 75th Air Base Wing commander has published that guidance in Hill AFB Instruction, 31-206, Control of Privately Owned Firearms.  

This instruction provides required on-station guidance governing the use and control of POFs on this installation. Prohibitions and procedures regarding firearms and dangerous weapons apply to civilian and military workers, members residing on base, visitors, contractors, subcontractors, etc.

Here are some specific rules outlined in HAFBI 31-206:

• Registration of POFs is mandatory for persons who reside and store POFs on the installation.

• State issued ‘concealed firearm permits’ do not authorize individuals to carry concealed or unconcealed firearms on Hill AFB.

• Off-duty or retired law enforcement personnel are not allowed to carry open or concealed weapons on Hill AFB, the Utah Test and Training Range, or the Little Mountain Test Facility unless credentialed in accordance with the Law Enforcement Safety Act and HAFBI 31-206.

• Civilian police officers and federal agents/federal criminal investigators may carry firearms during the conduct of official duties on Hill AFB.

The first rule listed above is an extremely important one. Anyone who resides in a dormitory on the base must store their firearms in the 75th Security Forces Squadron Armory in building 408.  Anyone who lives in Boyer Hill Military Housing must register any firearms they keep in their homes with the 75th Security Forces Squadron. The process to register firearms is easy to follow and can be explained in detail by 75th SFS Armorers. Simply call 801-777-7916 and ask how it’s done. It’s easy to do and it’s mandatory.

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