“Show Some Love,” 2016 Intermountain CFC Campaign

“Show Some Love,” 2016 Intermountain CFC Campaign

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — The 2016 Intermountain Combined Federal Campaign is underway. The campaign provides the opportunity for federal employees, including those assigned to Hill AFB, to serve others in a tangible way through donations to charities of their choice. 

Through individual contributions and selfless acts, federal employees make the campaign a success and no donation is too small; all donations are appreciated by the beneficiaries who receive services from the charitable organizations. 

Team Hill is invited to attend the CFC Kickoff held at The Landing on Sept. 29, at 11 a.m. The Landing is located on Hill AFB at 7420 Miller St., Bldg. 450. Kickoff activities include CFC giveaways, interaction with over 50 charities, and the opportunity to hear firsthand from those who benefit from services through CFC charities. 

This year’s campaign motto, “Show Some Love,” reflects how your generosity has a positive impact on those in the local community, across our great nation, and around the globe. Your support makes a difference in another person’s life. 

Here are a few examples of how your support makes a difference: a $175 contribution digs a well, creating a safe source of fresh drinking water for an entire village; $75 gives a wounded Soldier supplies necessary for a comfortable flight home; $25 provides 16 hot and nutritious meals for homeless men, women, and children.

In addition to the CFC Kickoff, you are also invited to numerous fund raising events that will provide a fun experience with the opportunity to benefit others. Hill AFB fund-raising events include the kickoff, Halloween costume contest, fun run, book sale, bowling tournament, and other unit-organized events. All proceeds benefit and support the CFC. 

In addition to the fund raisers, donations can be made by payroll deduction, cash, or check (make checks payable to CFC). CFC key workers will ensure checks and cash are accounted for, safeguarded, and delivered to CFC Headquarters. For more information on fund-raising events, organizing your own fund raiser, donating, or receiving a complete list of charitable organizations, please see a unit key worker and look for flyers posted in your organization. 

Thank you in advance for considering a donation. Your gift makes a difference.

For more info, see Intermountain CFC website at http://www.intermountaincfc.gor/home.aspx

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