Want to save even more? Get a Commissary Rewards Card

Want to save even more? Get a Commissary Rewards Card

Introduced just four years ago, the Commissary Rewards Card’s popularity with patrons is only growing with more than 1 million active users as of July 13, according to the Defense Commissary Agency officials. 

“The fact that we passed the 1 million mark in registered users is testament to the popularity of digital coupons,” said Marye Dobson, manager of DeCA’s Commissary Rewards Card program. “We work with our industry partners to provide our patrons with the type of digital coupons they want most.

“The Commissary Rewards Card goes that extra step and saves patrons even more on top of their commissary benefit,” she added.

Some fast facts about the digital coupon redemption system illustrate its popularity:

Users have redeemed over 9 million coupons 

Users have saved more than $10 million on their grocery purchases

Users can also benefit from promotions and contests specially designed by DeCA’s industry partners for the Commissary Rewards Card

The card’s services are available through apps on both Android and iPhone/iPad devices, which makes it handy for on-the-go shopping. The apps also include information on the closest store to the patron and feature promotions and contests tied to the Rewards Cards. Authorized shoppers who prefer to load coupons to their cards from a computer can go to www.commissaries.com/rewards/index.cfm where they can also find program information and register their cards.

DeCA’s industry partners are also getting in on the game creating promotions and contests specially designed for the Commissary Rewards Card. Dobson pointed out that some of the promotions and contests will only be available to card users. 

Here are a few quick tips to remember when using your Rewards Card:

• To get a Rewards Card ask your cashier.

• Be sure to register your card at www.commissaries.com/rewards/index.cfm

• “Clip” or download digital coupons to your account (the coupons are automatically loaded to your card when clipped).

• Print or view your list of coupons electronically via the mobile app or the website. 

• Present your card at checkout; it will be scanned for coupons that match your purchases. 

• Digital coupons are automatically erased from your account as they are redeemed or as they expire. 

For customer service questions, patrons should call Inmar at 855-829-6219 or send an email to commissarysupport@inmar.com. Customers can also visit www.commissaries.com/documents/contact_deca/faqs/rewards_card.cfm for list of frequently asked questions. 

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