Safety, quality are focus areas for the 531st CMXS

Safety, quality are focus areas for the 531st CMXS

Delivering products on-time, at the best value is a priority for the installation’s 531st Commodities Maintenance Squadron. 

The 531st CMXS is one of four production squadrons within the Ogden Air Logistics Complex’s 309th Commodities Maintenance Group.

The unit provides warfighter support by overhauling: 1. Armament components (guns, gun turrets, fuel tanks, pylons, canopies, aircrew flight equipment, winches, and screw jacks), 2. Hydraulic components (flight controls, heavy actuators, dampeners, and reservoirs), and 3. Pneudraulics components (pumps, motors, servos, fighter actuators, and mechanical valves) for multiple weapon systems.

Bob Migliore, 531st CMXS director, said he’s proud of his unit and its people.

“I want to thank the members of the 531st CMXS for what they do every day; we can’t complete the mission without them,” he said. “Our continued focus will be on safety of our people and relentlessly purs  uing perfection in the quality of our work.”

The squadron employs more than 500 military members and civilians who work in four flights across eight different locations on base.

Migliore said the future for his organization is strong with increasing workload requirements. He said the challenge will be to ensure proper training for the people in the unit, and to operate in cost effective ways. 

Citing the AFSC Way – a program focused on delivering high-quality combat power quickly and at less cost – Migliore said it has changed his organization in a positive way and he believes its tenets and tools are applicable anywhere.

The implementation of the AFSC Way across the entire organization has resulted in increased throughput, better quality, and meeting the warfighter’s needs, he said, and the overall culture is changing by focusing on our people, processes, and resources empowering innovative thinking.

“Our continued focus will be on safety of our people and relentlessly pursuing perfection in the quality of our work,” Miglilore said.

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