Food for thought: AF food services survey for Airmen

Taking care of Airmen and families remains one of the Air Force’s top priorities. Providing the best food service possible is an important aspect of doing that.

It’s essential to listen to and respond to what people have to say. The 2016 Food Services Assessment Survey (FSAS), which is available now, is a vital way to determine whether current programs and initiatives are meeting the needs of Airmen and families.

The survey, chartered by Air Force senior leaders and conducted by CFI Group, is designed to proactively assess the impact of Air Force food services on Airmen and provide a sound basis for prioritization and resource allocation to better meet the customers’ needs and expectations.

This year’s survey was built upon the results of the Caring for People Survey conducted in 2008 and 2010, and the FSAS conducted in 2014.

“The goals of the FSAS are focused expressly on customer satisfaction regarding food service at our Air Force installations, so we can better understand the preferences and expectations of our Air Force community,” said Col. Michael Lamb, the Air Force Services Activity operations chief.

The by-invitation survey, sent to over 300,000 Airmen during the month of May, will provide valuable insight into key areas:

• Usage, satisfaction, preferences and desired improvements Airmen expect of food service operations at installations

• Customer satisfaction with various criteria, such as food freshness, facility appearance and speed of service at a variety of food service operations

Customer participation will have a direct impact on the results of the survey and will ultimately help optimize food service operations at our installations, Lamb added.

Results received will be shared with installation food and beverage managers so they can be used to increase satisfaction and provide preferred food service options.

“This survey is an opportunity for our Air Force community to give senior Air Force leaders an honest view of how our food and beverage operations are being run at the various installations,” Lamb said. “I encourage everyone who receives an invitation to take the survey to let their voices be heard. Your feedback is paramount in our efforts to provide the best food and beverage experience we can at your installations.”

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