Many AFMC employees converting to AcqDemo Pay and Appraisal

Many AFMC employees converting to AcqDemo Pay and Appraisal

Some 13,000 Air Force Materiel Command personnel have been notified they will transition to the Department of Defense Civilian Acquisition Workforce Demonstration Project (AcqDemo) pay system on June 12.

For those converting to AcqDemo, their current GS performance period will end on June 11, and they will enter into the AcqDemo Contribution-Based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS) effective June 12, said command officials.

Until June 11, transitioning employees will remain under the current GS civilian performance program. Supervisors will continue to use incentive awards to recognize these employees’ significant achievements and are also encouraged to provide performance feedbacks during this timeframe.

The first CCAS cycle for new AcqDemo employees will end on September 30. During this cycle, only the contributions that occurred during this timeframe will be evaluated. Guidance on AcqDemo contribution planning for the first CCAS appraisal cycle will be forthcoming. After the initial cycle into AcqDemo, the standard CCAS period will be October 1 through September 30.

Only employees who have acceptable performance ratings will be eligible for AcqDemo conversion. Those who are on a Performance Improvement Plan at the time of conversion will not convert until a successful PIP has been completed. Supervisors of employees who are assigned to a PIP or who are performing at an unacceptable level will need to work with their servicing Civilian Personnel Section’s Employee Relations Office to address these issues and to determine when or if conversion to AcqDemo will occur. 

Online CCAS training for employees and supervisors can be found at In the training, employees and supervisors are introduced to the CCAS software CAS2NET, which is an online reporting system for CCAS. It is important to note that CAS2NET accounts will automatically be generated after conversion so there is no need to initiate the request for an account, said command officials.

For additional information on AcqDemo:

• Within AFMC, contact HQ AFMC/A1KA, (937) 257-0112, DSN 787-0112

• Department of Defense Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project:

• AFMC AcqDemo Public Affairs Link: 

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