K-9 remains resilient, bonds with handler

K-9 remains resilient, bonds with handler

Only months after recovering from hip dysplasia, Gina, an 8-year-old military working dog at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, was diagnosed with yet another ailment. In February, a cancerous tumor was discovered on her mouth.

Gina’s handler, Senior Airman Bryce Bates, a 48th Security Forces Squadron MWD handler, ensured Gina wasn’t alone during her next battle of medical procedures. Bates and Gina had an immediate bond once they became teammates in October.

Bates stayed by Gina’s side as she underwent anesthesia to have the tumor removed in March and faithfully waited at the veterinary clinic until she woke up 3 1/2 hours later.

“I wanted to be there for her because she would be there for me,” Bates said. “I wanted to hear it firsthand if anything went wrong.”

While Gina was in remission, Bates spent the next three weeks exercising, feeding and caring for her, until she made a full recovery and was able to return to work.

Gina is known throughout the squadron for her gentle disposition and pleasing demeanor. Bates claims she has the perfect balance between a house and working dog.

“She is super friendly for a working dog,” Bates said. “She has the aggression and dedication for work, but she really just wants to please.”

Bates further bonds with Gina by celebrating her birthdays, cake and hat included, dressing her up for the holidays, and taking her on sight-seeing trips to London.

“When it’s time for her to quit, she will be adopted for sure,” Bates said. “I hope I can take her with me. It would be great to have a dog like her.”

The career expectancy of MWDs depends on their health and ability to carry on their mission requirements. For the time being, Gina is in good health and will continue to serve at RAF Lakenheath until the time to retire.

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