Team Hill awards in science, engineering and technical fields

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — Jay W. Fiebig, Engineering and Technical Management, Air Force Sustainment Center director, hosted the 13th Annual Team Hill Science, Technology, and Technical Management Awards Ceremony recently at the Hill Aerospace Museum. 

The ceremony recognized winners of Science, Technology, Engineering, Technical Management, and other science-related awards across the mission partners at Hill Air Force Base.

“We have an amazing crop of scientists, engineers, and support staff that work incredibly hard every day alongside their other Team Hill teammates to get the mission done,” said Col. Scott R. Nowlin, Engineering & Technical Management, Ogden Air Logistics deputy director.

The individual award winners are:

Team Hill Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Program Offices

Junior Civilian S&E: Jake Warner, F-22 SPO

Senior Civilian S&Es:

• Timothy Perkins, Aerospace Dominance Enabler SPO

• Dot Homa, F-16 SPO 

Chief Engineer: Lynn Silver, Aerospace, Dominance Enabler SPO

Technical Management: Robert McGill, F-22 SPO

Career Achievement: Dennis Vickery, A-10 SPO

Support: Deborah Church, Aerospace Dominance Enabler SPO

Mentor Award: Bart Wood, F-16 SPO

Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center ICBM Systems Directorate

Junior Military S&E: Captain Christopher Benson

Junior Civilian S&E: Dr Matt Goodro 

Mid-Career Military S&E: Major Alan Louie

Mid-Career Civilian S&E: Sal Sotomayor

Senior Military S&E: Lieutenant Colonel Jason Bartolomei

Senior Civilian S&E: Elliott Burrell

Chief Engineer: Roy Ramey 

Technical Management: Frank Adams

Career Achievement: Jerry Brigance 

Engineering Technician: Stephen Christensen

Support: Tina Flinders

General James Ferguson Engineering Award nominee: Pete Miller

General Lester L. Lyles Award nominee: Lieutenant Jeff LaFrance

Captain Roland R. Obenland Engineering Memorial Award nominee: Captain Jared Evans 

Air Force Sustainment Center’s Ogden Air Logistics Depot 

Junior Civilian S&E:

• Steven Berkley, Commodities Maintenance Group

• Kaitlin Meline, Maintenance Support Group

• Eric Johnson, Software Maintenance Group 

Mid-Career Civilian S&E: James Stoddard, Software Maintenance

Senior Civilian S&E: Amin Khan, Software Maintenance

Technical Management: Jim Olsen, Software Maintenance

Career Achievement: Rick Fitzgerald, Software Maintenance

Engineering Technician: 

• Alan Clark, Commodities Maintenance

• Casey Terry, Software Maintenance 

Support: Tharen Blue, Software Maintenance 

Gen James Ferguson Engineering Award nominee: Michael McMichael, Software Maintenance

General Lester L. Lyles Award nominee: Kasey Thompsen, Software Maintenance

AFSC’s 748th Supply Chain Management Group

Junior Military S&E: Lieutenant Roger Anderson

Junior Civilian S&E: Megan Jensen

Mid-Career Civilian S&E: Tyrell G. Philpott

Senior Civilian S&E: Benjamin Harris

Technical Management: Jared Butterfield

Career Achievement: Ron Montgomery

Captain Roland R. Obenland Engineering Memorial Award nominee: Lt Luke Dorlac

Gen James Ferguson Engineering Award nominee: Andrew Clark

The team winners are:

Science and Engineering Teams

Technical Management team: The F-16 SPO’s Systems Engineering Team

The ICBM Systems Directorate Technical Management team: Aircraft and Missile Requirements — Programmed Depot Maintenance Team

Air Force Sustainment Center: Software Maintenance Group Modular Control Equipment Team

748th Supply Chain Management Group: Avionics Supply Chain Management

Outstanding Science Teams 

AFSC – Software Maintenance Group Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Telemetry Integrated Processing System (ITIPS) Team

748 Supply Chain Management Group

417 Supply Chain Management Squadron Surface Technology Team

General Bernard P. Randolph Engineering Team Award Nominees:

ICBM Systems Directorate Hardness Evaluation Team

Air Force Sustainment Center Software Maintenance Group

CMMI Operational Excellence Team assisted the Software Maintenance Group

Missile Maintenance Group

ECM Team

748th Supply Chain Management Group

B-1B Wheel and Brake System Improvement Team

Science, Engineering, and Technical Management Support Award

Air Force Sustainment Center Contracting Directorate Landing Gear Team

* * *

Other awards associated with STEM and their winners are:

Team Hill STEM Volunteers of the Year: 

Capt Peter Saunders, 75 Air Base Wing Weather Office

Rick Haws, Software Maintenance Group. 

DOD Value Engineering Achievement Award: A-10 System Program Office Aircraft Structural Integrity Program Team 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers George F. McClure national Citation of Honor: Dan Christenson, Director of Engineering for the 748th Supply Chain Management Group

2015 Air Combat Command UTTR Civilian of the Year: Frank Marks, Engineering Flight Chief for the Utah Test and Training Range

Air Force Sustainment Center Engineering Directorate Civilian Employee of the Year: Craig Bodily

2015 Defense Acquisition Workforce Achievement and Development Award: AFSC/EN Workforce Development

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