Wingman Toolkit supports Comprehensive Airman Fitness

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — Comprehensive Airman Fitness is built on the four domains of fitness — physical, mental, social and spiritual. CAF is a top-level priority in the Air Force, and it is essential for individuals to be fit across all four domains.

Gen. Mark Welsh III, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, has said, “Comprehensive Airman Fitness is so important … our focus is on the well-being and care for ourselves, each other and our families so we can be more resilient.”

Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James agrees and has said, “CAF supports my main priority by ensuring all people and families within our Air Force are taken care of by providing a great opportunity for us to grow resiliently in our careers and personal lives.”

The Wingman Toolkit is an outreach and communication tool developed with the total force in mind, to ensure our Airmen have quick and easy access to the latest resources in maintaining their Comprehensive Airman Fitness. The Toolkit is designed to empower Airmen and their families to live healthier lifestyles and can assist in achieving and maintaining a balance across the four domains. This helps strengthen their individual resilience as well as their ability to assist others in need.

The Wingman Toolkit includes dynamic resources to help build, sharpen and track personal resiliency such as workout reminders, random motivational messages, relaxation techniques, a circle of trust with your “real” Wingman contacts, articles and more. There is also a vast collection of short videos of Airmen sharing their amazing personal stories of how positive psychology helped them balance their lives, overcome challenges and influence perspectives.

The Wingman Toolkit clearly aligns with the perspectives of Air Force leadership as well as the needs of the workforce. Even the best of us need help, and we need to help each other.

The Wingman Toolkit can be accessed online at and through a free app at the Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS (search for “Wingman Toolkit”).

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