Reservists go active-duty

Reservists go active-duty

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. — At the beginning of fiscal year 2016, the Air Force Personnel Center launched the Voluntary Period of Active Duty program.

The program is offering some great opportunities for Air Force Reservists interested in returning to active duty.

Under VLPAD, opportunities to serve an active-duty tour for a period of three years and one day are being offered to Air Force Reserve members for certain Air Force specialties. During that time, selected Reservists will receive the same benefits as active-duty Airmen.

Right now, the program has Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor openings for captains through lieutenant colonels at various locations such as Auburn University and Texas A&M University.

“I taught AFROTC twice, the first time was from 1996-1999 and the second time was 2000-2004,” said Col. Ellen Moore, Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command manpower, personnel and services director. “I wanted to become an ROTC instructor because I wanted to give back and help shape our future leaders for the Air Force.”

Moore also mentioned how great it has been to see where her cadets are now and how they have progressed in their own Air Force careers.

In addition to AFROTC instructors, other officer opportunities available under VLPAD include AFROTC detachment commanders, Air Command and Staff College instructors, remotely piloted aircraft operators, judge advocates, intelligence specialists and cyber operators.

Opportunities are also available for enlisted Airmen in more than 100 different career fields, including maintenance, aircrew operations and command control systems operations.

The VLPAD program and several other programs are being put in place to help bolster the Air Force’s end strength from 312,980 to 317,000.

“Being selected for any of these special duties or career fields is a significant achievement for any officer or enlisted Airman,” said Lt. Gen. James Jackson, AFRC commander. “Not only are these opportunities helping our Citizen Airmen but they are also allowing us to boost some critical, yet undermanned career fields across the Air Force.”

Unit Reservists require a letter of recommendation from their wing commander. Individual Mobilization Augmentees and members of the participating Individual Ready Reserve require a letter of recommendation from their unit commander (or equivalent) and readiness and integration organization detachment commander.

For more on the VLPAD program, visit the myPERS web page at,17.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, go to the myPers website. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following these instructions on the Air Force Retirees Services website.

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