Turkey: Dependent departure authorized, accompanied PCS suspended

Turkey: Dependent departure authorized, accompanied PCS suspended

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas — Effective Sept. 2, Department of Defense-funded travel to Adana, Turkey (including Incirlik Air Base), for dependents has been suspended, and military and civilian dependents in the region are authorized to depart Turkey, announced Department of State and DOD officials.

Military and civilian members with approved dependent travel who have not yet out-processed from their current duty stations should contact their local military personnel sections or civilian personnel sections for guidance. Those with approved dependent travel who are already en route to Turkey should contact their losing personnel sections.

Airmen can also contact the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102 for guidance.

To ensure Airmen and their families are accounted for and have access to assistance, the Air Force Personnel Center has activated the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System. AFPAAS is a web-based application used to account, access, manage and monitor the recovery process for personnel and their families.

To account for themselves and their family members, as well as complete the needs assessment (if necessary), members should go to the AFPAAS site and log in with their common access card or user identification and password. The AFPAAS site allows for login from any computer with user identification and password.

The information supplied in the assessment tab in APFAAS will speed up the assistance process to help affected family members. Validation of contact phone number and safe haven address for family members is essential. AFPAAS assessment provides commanders a tool to identify and verify assistance and aid eligibility or entitlements for affected personnel and their families.

Military and civilian personnel specialists across the Air Force have been provided pertinent information to assist Airmen, including specific “stop movement language” and instructions regarding a member’s options and entitlements in specific situations.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, go to the myPers website. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following the instructions on the Air Force Retirees Services website.

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