Food donations still being sought

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — The Feds Feed Families program is still going strong on Hill Air Force Base, collecting as many food donations as possible for the Layton Family Connection Center before the program ends Oct. 2. 

Installations across the nation have been participating in the program since June. Last year, Hill AFB had the second-highest number of donations out of all participating installations, with 12,000 pounds of collection donations.

This year, Hill AFB has already collected 25,000 pounds of food. Donations can still be made on Friday at the commissary. Shoppers can also purchase donations or purchase prepackaged bags of various foods needed, which are available at the front of the commissary, and place them in the bins at the front of the store. 

The giving has been coming from across the ranks, says Capt. Daniel Mihalek, who has been overseeing the program at Hill AFB. 

“Not everybody is making a fortune on base and in the Air Force, but they are all more than willing to help out,” Mihalek said. “It really shows that spirit of service we have in the Air Force. We have pride in what we do, not only with our missions and on top of busy schedules they have going on. It is really incredible to see how many volunteers help out and see how much people donate to make these things happen.”

The Layton Family Connection Center sets out to eradicate poverty and abuse by providing support services that bring a positive change to individuals and families in Davis and Morgan counties. The center does that through food assistance, crisis and respite child care, homelessness prevention, parent education and therapy programs. 

Charitable organizations like the Layton Family Connection Center often receive a number of donations around Christmastime, but experience a drop in donations during the rest of the year, even though the need is ever-present. The Feds Feed Families program was set up to bridge that gap between holidays. 

“During the summer, the donations typically dry up, so the center has been very grateful for these donations,” Mihalek said. “It’s been incredible to hear the different stories. You never know what people need or have gone through in their lives to where they need the help. We have been able to provide 25,000 pounds of food to give to those who need it.”

The program hopes to continue receiving donations in the next couple of weeks. Look for donations barrels at various locations on base, or in the commissary. 

Since the program began in 2009, over 24 million pounds of food have been donated to local charitable organizations.

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