Comprehensive Airman Fitness on the go

Comprehensive Airman Fitness on the go

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. — The Wingman Toolkit, an outreach and communication tool designed to ensure Airmen have quick and easy access to the latest Comprehensive Airman Fitness programs and resources, now has a mobile app available for download.

The app provides resources to improve mental, physical, social and spiritual fitness, all at the touch of a finger.

“The toolkit provides resources like videos, stories and testimonies that help Airmen improve CAF,” said Jeffrey Maiette, a 2nd Bomb Wing community support coordinator. “It also has tools that help Airmen implement CAF concepts into their daily activities. They can track physical training workouts and scores, set up spiritual reminders that help keep a positive mindset and it even has tools that help track sleep patterns.”

Many Airmen are already taking advantage of the toolkit’s many resources.

“For me, the best feature is the ‘count your blessings’ portion of the app,” said Master Sgt. Joshua Copeland the 2nd Communication Squadron information technology project manager. “It provides a place to document all the great things that happen over the course of the day and gives me time to reflect back on why it was good and who helped make it good. I use this feature several times a day as good things happen.”

Airmen are also seeing benefits in their personal and professional life.

“The app has reminder options you can set,” said Senior Master Sgt. Jeremy Shay, the Air Force Global Strike Command fabrication functional manager. “I have pop-ups set for after the end of the duty day. I use this as a way to help me refocus on my family and the things they look to me for after a long day of work. The app has definitely helped me not bring the stress I feel from impending changes into my daily interactions with my wife and daughter.”

Overall, CAF concepts can result in more resilient Airmen, which means they can accomplish the mission more effectively.

“CAF isn’t about a program, it’s about a lifestyle,” Maiette said. “This new app gives Airmen a genuine hands-on way to apply CAF concepts and empowers them to follow through on things they’ve learned through CAF.”

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