West Gate Visitor Control Center closes

West Gate Visitor Control Center closes

The 75th Security Forces Squadron is now processing all base passes through the South Gate Visitor Control Center.

The West Gate VCC closed last month to allow the base’s defenders to focus on core security missions such as mobile patrols and other calls for service.  

75th SFS officials said they reviewed the data and found the West Gate VCC was handling significantly fewer customers than the South Gate, which happens to offer more services, parking and a larger customer waiting area.

Hill AFB is not alone with the change. Other bases within Air Force Materiel Command have been operating with a single VCC for some time now.

While the change may create an inconvenience for some customers, 75th SFS officials said the manpower reallocation will allow them to directly focus limited resources to potential threats to the base’s security and the safety of its residents and workers.  

All services previously available at the West Gate VCC are available at the South Gate VCC.

The 75th SFS reminds base personnel they can access the VCC SharePoint site at https://cs.eis.afmc.af.mil/sites/Hill/VCC/default.aspx to sponsor visitors on base. 

They said the site has been in place for more than a year, but many people still meet their guests at the VCC when they could sponsor them on base from the comfort of their own workspace.

The South Gate VCC hours of operation are 5 a.m. to midnight Monday through Sunday. The VCC can be reached at


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