New workers’ compensation system introduced

New workers’ compensation system introduced

Hill Air Force Base employees and supervisors will be introduced to the Employee Compensation Operations and Management Portal, or ECOMP, on June 1.

ECOMP is a free, web-based portal for the electronic filing of key Federal Employee Compensation Act claim forms managed by the Department of Labor. This system replaces the current Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, System.

The Department of Defense has identified ECOMP as the enterprise-wide initiative to transform the DOD’s Injury Compensation Claims process. 

ECOMP does not require a common access card. 

It will allow employees to file Federal Employee Compensation Act claim forms online from any computer. 

Users can track the exact status of any form or document submitted via ECOMP and can electronically upload and submit documents directly to their Department of Labor case files.

Another advantage to ECOMP is the shortened time it takes to receive a claim number.

Once a claim is submitted and validated by the Injury Compensation Office, a claim number is usually assigned within 20 minutes. Using the EDI system, the same process typically took 48 hours. 

Before filing any forms in ECOMP as an injured worker or employee, users must first register and create an ECOMP account. 

This system provides readable and video tutorials on Registering into ECOMP, Filing OSHA Form 301, Filing CA1 (Traumatic Injury Claim), Filing CA2 (Occupational Disease Claim), CA7 (Claim for Compensation), and CA7a (Time Analysis Form). 

ECOMP provides the Air Force the ability to file the OSHA-301 form as the first step in the claim process. Once the OSHA-301 form is submitted by the employee, the employee is permitted to file a CA-1 or CA-2 form. 

Once the employee submits an OSHA-301, the supervisor will need to provide certain additional information on the OSHA-301 and submit the form in ECOMP, which will direct it to the appropriate safety personnel. 

The website to the ECOMP system is 

Supervisors and employees will be receiving additional information on ECOMP soon. 

This system has already been introduced and implemented by other Air Force bases and has been very successful. This new program will be instrumental in providing employees with the service they deserve. 

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