Updated Medical Group non-patient child policy

Updated Medical Group non-patient child policy

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — The 75th Medical Group strives to provide world-class health care to our beneficiaries. To help ensure the safest and highest quality care, our staff asks that only a child who has an appointment be brought to the 75th Medical Group — and requests that parents secure child care for any other children.

In the event this is not possible, due to safety concerns and space constraints, only one additional child will be allowed in the examination room during a child’s appointment. The clinic staff does reserve the right to reschedule should the child become a distraction to anyone on the medical team. If the appointment is for a parent, only one child will be allowed in the examination room. 

In exceptional circumstances, a commander (squadron level or higher) or director has the authority to temporarily exempt personnel from this guidance on a case-by-case basis. If the commander/director determines that the member or his/her family should be exempted on a temporary basis due to circumstances beyond their control, a memorandum for record detailing the reason for the exemption must be endorsed by the commander/director.

This MFR must include the duration of the exemption (not to exceed six months) and will be presented to the 75th Medical Group staff at check-in for all appointments when accompanied by multiple children. In cases where the beneficiary does not have a commander or director (for example, a retiree), the 75th Medical Group commander will serve as the exemption-approval authority.

As a safety precaution, nonpatient children are not allowed during any invasive examinations or procedures and may not be taken into the following areas at any time: Laboratory, Radiology, Dental, Physical Therapy, Optometry, and Mental Health. If nonpatient children are brought to these types of appointments, our clinic staff will assist in rescheduling the appointment. These standards apply even if a beneficiary has a temporary exemption.

When planning your appointments, please keep in mind that children, 10 years of age and older, are allowed to wait in the clinic’s reception areas unattended and children at least 12 years old may supervise your other children in the reception area. Medical staff members are not authorized to supervise nonpatient children at any time.

The 75th Medical Group’s mission is to provide high-quality, safe medical care to our 17,000 beneficiaries. To fully meet these requirements, our medical providers and staff must be focused on the patient and not be distracted by additional children in the exam/treatment room. 

Similarly, the patient’s (or parent’s) full attention is required during the appointment to ensure provider and patient (or parent) communication and understanding is optimized. A clinic environment with minimal distractions is critical to ensuring safe, high-quality health care.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the policy, contact the 75th Medical Group’s customer advocate, Julie Piper, at 801-586-9516.

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