Local Logistics Officers Association chapter celebrates banner year

Local Logistics Officers Association chapter celebrates banner year

The Hill AFB chapter of the Logistics Officer’s Association garnered national recognition recently during an annual awards ceremony in Arlington, Virginia.

Maj. Steven LeBlanc, 388th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, was awarded the LOA General George Babbitt National Distinguished Service Award. The award is given to members who make the greatest contribution toward furthering national LOA goals and objectives. 

LeBlanc played an integral role in developing learning modules for the launch of LOA University, and served as the Hill AFB LOA membership officer in 2014.  

Additionally, the Hill AFB LOA Chapter was awarded the National Deb Tune, Medium Chapter Award.  

The awards ceremony was just part a national LOA symposium that occurs at different locations around the country each year.

During the three-day symposium, participants were exposed to several high-ranking guest speakers, panels and training sessions. Additionally, participants gained knowledge and networking experience.

LOA chapter officials said their organization experienced resounding success in 2014. 

Locally, the Wasatch Warriors LOA Chapter awarded five $750 scholarships to its members and their families.

Four scholarships recipients included Michelle Parenteau, Michael Archibald, Kylee Porto and Lauren Black. 

The fifth scholarship was given to an AFROTC cadet, Cadet Cierra Manly, who is currently pursuing a degree at the University of Utah. 

According to the LOA symposium website (www.logisticsymposium.org/), the purpose of the LOA is to enhance the military logistics profession and to strengthen logistics in the national security environment.

The Logistics Officer Association has nearly 80 active chapters and a membership base of nearly 4,000 military officers and civilians in the logistics field around the world. Nearly 400 of those belong to the Hill AFB chapter.

Logistics spans the entire spectrum of weapon system support.  

When people think about logistics, most think of the core logistics specialties such as maintenance and munitions, supply, transportation and logistics plans.  

However, people involved in weapon system sustainment are also a part of the logistics spectrum, which includes contracting, engineering and many facets of acquisition.

For membership information, visit https://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/ or on SharePoint at https://cs.eis.afmc.af.mil/sites/Hill/LOA/default.aspx. The SharePoint site requires access to a government computer.

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