Skyward: Hill cafe gets new management

Skyward: Hill cafe gets new management

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — Crosswinds has a new name, a new look and a new menu.

On Oct. 27, the restaurant at Building 230 on Hill Air Force Base is the Skyward Cafe.

The changes come as a result of new management.

Minnesota-based hospitality management company Lancer Hospitality is now responsible for the day-to-day operations.

According to Lancer officials, the company has more than 30 years in the industry and serves clients including Medtronic, 3M, Honeywell, The University of Minnesota and American Express.

Before Lancer took over, the U.S. Air Force ran Crosswinds, said Peter Virnig, regional director of operations for Lancer Hospitality.

Virnig said the Air Force came to a point that it could not financially support the eatery.

Lancer began negotiations to run the Crosswinds in June.

The company has similar locations to Skyward in Minnesota and Washington State.

Coming in, the management company made a few changes, starting with the name.

“We’re a new company; we wanted to give it a new name for a sense of destination,” Virnig said. “A lot of people know there has been some significant changes to the cafe itself and to the menu.”

Before, the menu featured maybe six items for breakfast and around six items for lunch.

Virnig’s people added an Asian menu concept called Tiger Wok, which will add items such as lo mein noodles and beef and broccoli.

The new management also introduced grab-and-go options such as parfaits, freshly made sandwiches, fruit and salad.

On the grill, more items have been added to the breakfast menu and customers can enjoy fresh patty burgers.

Lance Hospitality came in and made the changes quickly, switching over signage and decor in a week.

“We actually dramatically altered the look and the feel of the cafe inside,” Virnig said.

The walls a now adorned with photographs of areas around Utah, such as the state’s mountains and canyons.

With Skyward, the base hopes to add another dining option.

“We’re just excited to be there and to be able to offer residents quality food that is quick and fast,” Virnig said.

People on the base usually only have a half-hour to eat, it should be nice to have some fresh food made in that time.

While the cafe is already open, it hopes to introduce outdoor dining in the near future.

A redone patio should be open by next spring.

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