Team Hill invited to Breast Cancer Awareness brunch

Team Hill invited to Breast Cancer Awareness brunch

Because no one knows exactly what causes breast cancer, there are no sure ways to prevent it.  

It is understood that age, gender, lifetime exposures to estrogen, and other causes play important roles in the development of breast cancer. There are several steps one can take to reduce your risk, such as limiting alcohol intake, fitting exercise into your routine, and maintaining a healthy weight.  

Did you know that?

•As women age, her chances for breast cancer increase. Some women who get breast cancer have no known risk factors except for getting older.

• A woman in her 20’s can get breast cancer.

• White women are more susceptible to breast cancer than women of other racial or ethnic groups.

• African American women are more likely to die from breast cancer than white women.

•Men can get breast cancer. One out of every 100 breast cancer cases is a male.

According the American Cancer Society, the five year survival rate for all women diagnosed with breast cancer is 89 percent. Most can live full productive lives and never have a reoccurrence. Early detection gives one a better survival rate.  If it is found early your survival rate can jump to 98 percent.  

To help protect yourself, talk with your health care provider and find out what screening tests are right for you. Two of the most common screening tools are mammograms and clinical breast exams.  A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast and can detect cancer in its earliest stages, even before a lump can be felt.  A clinical breast exam is performed by a health care provider who checks your breasts and underarm areas for any lumps or changes.  

You also play a key role in breast cancer screening. Perform regular self-exams so you know how your breasts normally look and feel. If you notice any change from normal, see your health care provider right away. 

In an effort to promote awareness, Hill AFB is sponsoring a Breast Cancer Awareness Month brunch on Oct. 15 from 10-11:30 a.m. at the Landing. The guest speaker is Utah’s KUTV News morning anchor woman, mother, coach and breast cancer survivor, Mary Nickles. Tickets cost $10 and include a breakfast burrito and fruit tray buffet. For more information, call the Health and Wellness Center 801-777-1215 or Civilian Health Promotion Services at 586-6021. Seating is limited.

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