Hill contracting sets record fiscal year end

Hill Contracting burned the midnight oil, especially on the final day of fiscal year 2014, to support the 75th Air Base Wing, Ogden Air Logistics Complex and nearly 22 of Team Hill’s mission partner units. 

Every year, Contracting and Finance work in concert until midnight on Sept. 30 to spend every last dollar possible before its Department of Defense Operation and Maintenance (O&M) funds expire.  

Contrary to popular belief, contracting professionals do not have fillable documents stored on computers and, with a click of a button, presto a contract prints.   

Contracts require varied levels of research, documentation, and coordination.   

A little known fact is that most bases spend 50 percent or more of their budget during the third quarter and approximately, 35 percent of the base’s budget is spent in the month of September. 

Nonetheless, Hill contracting professionals rise to the challenge every time.

Hill AFB has an arsenal of contract weapons available with lead times as short as one day, while other requirements require longer lead times of 30 days or more.  

“Our contracts are comparable to our Air Force platforms,” said Maj. Janice Scott, Deputy, Installation Contracting Division. “We have some A-10s, B-2 bombers and other stealthy contract vehicles.  If the requirement calls for rapid fire we can award it in one day; however, if it is a complex requirement, it may require a B-2 type delivery.  It may take longer, but when it delivers, it is massive”  

Regardless if it takes one day or more, Hill Contracting strives to procure service, supplies and base infrastructure at the best value, in a timely manner, and most importantly in compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

 “It is like our Super bowl,” said Anthony Braswell, Acting Contracting Director.  “While each year presents its own set of circumstances, it never ceases to amaze me what we get accomplished while working with our customers in conjunction with our finance friends.”

“This year was no exception and the needs which we have met will continue to support our warfighter for years to come,” Braswell added.

This fiscal year, Hill Contracting awarded 2,204 contract actions totaling $288.4 million. During the third quarter, Hill awarded 763 contract actions totaling $140.9 million. And for the month of September alone, Hill awarded 498 contract actions totaling $96.6 million.

It takes a tremendous support staff to pull this off from Contracting’s Committee Contract Review Team, Business Support Team, Contracting Officers, Contract Specialists and last but certainly not least our Finance counterparts.  

David Stark, Operational Branch Chief, said that this was a banner year.  We awarded more this year than we have in the past 14 years.  This year’s execution took a lot of planning from a great team, working tirelessly to support.  

Master Sgt. David Clark, Contracting Superintendent, added, “I am amazed to see how our Airman and civilians persevere together through the high stress of long hours and short notice requirements, and never lose focus to ensure all of Team Hill’s members and its mission are supported.”

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