Tips to reduce mosquitos offered

Tips to reduce mosquitos offered

If you see any strange looking devices hanging from trees on base, it may just be a mosquito trap set up by the Public Health Office. Public Health routinely traps mosquitos during the summer months to monitor populations and test for diseases they may carry. The trap you’ll most communally see is the CO2 trap. CO2 traps contain dry ice that slowly releases CO2 gas, mimicking normal respiration in humans and other mammals. This attracts the mosquitos, which are then trapped in an attached net. Once trapping is complete, the mosquitoes are sorted and females are shipped out for species identification. 

The Public Health entomology section highly encourages Hill residents to reduce the mosquito population and to avoid getting bitten by utilizing the following tips: 

• Stay away from stagnate pools of water

• Apply insect repellant to your skin containing DEET when outdoors at dawn or dusk

• Empty water that collects in flower pots, pet water dishes, birdbaths, swimming pool covers, buckets, barrels and cans

• Remove discarded tires and other items that could collect water

• Check rain gutters and clean them if clogged 

• Be sure to check for containers or trash in places that may be hard to see, such as under bushes 

• Dispose of or store tin cans, plastic containers, ceramic pots or similar water-holding containers not being used

For more information on mosquito avoidance and prevention measures please visit:, or contact the Public Health Entomology Office at 801-586-9556. 

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