‘The Other Woman’ goes way too far

‘The Other Woman’ goes way too far

A twist on the jilted wife scenario seemed like a fun idea, but like cracks in a sidewalk, it soon became apparent that something was wrong. But rather than finding a quick exit and accept minimal damage, the filmmakers kept going, searching for something, and short of the Hindenburg disaster, they found it, but oh, the humanity!

So, after 109 minutes of “huh?” I’m leaving the theater a bit stunned by what just transpired.

I watched the extremely talented Leslie Mann take what should have been an interesting look at a cheated-on wife Kate and how she copes with the shocking truth that her dirt bag husband Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has been having multiple affairs and turns it into a bizarre revenge flick with an unlikely alliance between three very ticked-off women.

The first crack in the cement comes when the normally subtle Mann is flinging herself all over the various sets to create physical comedy where humorous conversations usually suffice. She appears to be trying too hard to compensate for a paper-thin script and it only gets more uncomfortable as it goes along.

So when the first of Kate’s hubby’s two lovers appears, Cameron Diaz as Carly, who is equally distraught that this seemingly loving man is actually married, Kate starts stalking Carly for some answers.

This reluctant, but developing friendship between Kate and Carly turns out to be the highlight of the movie as they try to understand the mystery of relationships amidst a continuous fog of alcohol.

Even when they track slimy Mark to the beach, where they see him groping Amber, girlfriend No. 2, (played by model Kate Upton doing her best Bo Derek imitation), they are still moderately entertaining, but now more in a slapstick kind of way.

But as they recruit ditzy Amber into this “trio of terror” aimed at bringing down the wandering-eyed Mark, the tell-tale cracks in the proverbial sidewalk are widening to increasingly uncomfortable dimensions.

I won’t even mention the upcoming megaquake of plot line decisions that finally pushes “The Other Woman” right off the crumbling cliff and into the deepening abyss, because one, you wouldn’t believe me and two, it’s just too painful to recall.

I know there will be temptation to see empowered women serve revenge on a jerk-faced philanderer, but honestly, it’s really not worth it.

“The Other Woman” deserved better than this, and as such, she and they become victims all over again.

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