IN FOCUS: Tech. Sgt. Camille Hurst, 419th SFS

IN FOCUS: Tech. Sgt. Camille Hurst, 419th SFS

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — When Tech. Sgt. Camille Hurst is not busy with her role as a mother of four, she’s a full-time Weber County Sheriff’s Deputy, an entrepreneur, and an Air Force reservist. Hurst is second-in-charge as a combat arms instructor for the 419th Security Forces Squadron.

Why did you join the Air Force Reserve?

I was active duty Air Force from 1991-1995, but I got out because my husband and I were both injured in the Gulf War. With kids, I thought it was just too dangerous to have both parents serve, and I figured one of us should focus more on family. I joined the Air Force Reserve in 2010 to finish something I started, and because I really wanted to serve in the military again.

Has the Air Force helped you in juggling your multiple roles?

The Air Force has definitely helped me with my discipline, and I’m also great at finishing a task before I start another. Sometimes I’m a little too “military” with the kids, so I’ve been told.

What did you do during your fifteen year break in service?

I did a lot of little things here and there. I went through some college, I went to a private dress design school, and was actually a dress designer for a while. But for the last 13 years I’ve been a Weber County Sheriff’s Deputy in Ogden, and I work in corrections there. I’m now also the owner of the spa at Prolific Fitness and Spa in Layton.

What are some of your responsibilities as a deputy for Weber County Sheriff’s Department?

I am a corrections officer, so everyday I’m in the men’s housing section where there are 280 inmates under my responsibility. I walk through the housing sections and talk to the inmates to see if there’s anything I can help them with. I help them with personal needs, such as bedding, cleanliness, clothing, and food. If there are conflicts, I’m the one that goes in and breaks up fights. Basically, I do whatever they need me to do, while maintaining my safety.

What keeps

you motivated?

I just want my kids to learn what hard work can do for you, and I want to be a good example for them so they can have more than I have. Also, so they can be better people and contribute to society. Most everything I do is for my children.

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