Command presence: CMSAF visits Gateway to the Pacific

Command presence: CMSAF visits Gateway to the Pacific

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody visited Travis Air Force Base, Calif. to meet Airmen and thank them for their service, July 9 to 11.

During the visit, Cody toured the base and hosted an Airmen’s Call to discuss the future of the Air Force and force management challenges.

“We have to make some tough decisions and we are going to get smaller,” Cody said. “The Air Force is going to look and operate differently in the future.”

While the decisions may be tough, they are necessary to ensure the Air Force is the most agile, credible and affordable total force team capable of meeting future challenges, he said.

“Every generation goes through struggles and challenges,” Cody said. “The Air Force looks dramatically different from how it did 30 years ago and will look different years from now. But we will make those decisions and (continue) to (be) the world’s greatest Airmen.”

The Air Force is currently more globally engaged than ever before in its history and is currently involved in its longest sustained combat operations. Travis (AFB) has specific lift and refueling capabilities that have provided global reach through all of this, he said.

“You should be proud of that,” Cody said. “It is amazing that through all these distractions with sequestration, retention boards and furloughs you can still execute the mission. That should motivate and inspire all of you.”

The 60th Air Mobility Wing is the largest of its kind in the Air Force and not only operates extensively in the Pacific region, but the entire world, he said.

“The base has evolved and continues to improve,” he said. “It’s great to see how things like the privatized housing, the Fisher House and the Food Transformation Initiative have improved Travis (AFB). They really show the Air Force’s commitment to take care of Airmen and their families.”

“Travis (AFB) is a jewel in our Air Force,” Cody said. “I can see it in your performance. You’re proud of what you do and your capabilities. The people out there know you are protecting them and you give them hope.”

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