Operations Division to assume mission after 75th Communications Squadron stands down

The 75th Communications Squadron will deactive Oct. 1 in a ceremony at 10:30 a.m. at the Hill Aerospace Museum. The new Operations Division will assume its mission as it stands up as part of the new Communications and Information Directorate under the leadership of the 75th Air Base Wing.

The new Communications and Information Directorate, or 75th ABW/SC, will formally consolidate all communications and information functions and information technology functions into a single organization in support of the Team Hill mission.

Previously the 75th Communications Squadron under the 75th Mission Support Group provided all base-level communications services — network, telephone, radio and cable. At the same time, the Information Technology Directorate functioned under the supervision of the Ogden Air Logistics Center and provided portfolio management, IT support to the center and support for the OO-ALC's unique software and applications. These two units' missions were combined as the 75th Communications Group (provisional), which assumed responsibility for those missions. The 75th CG included three squadrons: the 75th CS, the 775th Communications Squadron (provisional) and the 875th Communications Squadron (provisional).

The final approved Organizational Change Request put forward by Air Force Materiel Command brings the 75th CS and OO-ALC/IT mission functions together into a directorate instead of a communications group due to the size of the organization and the organizational direction of AFMC. The new "Communications and Information Directorate" is made up of three divisions: SCO "Operations Division," SCS "Plans Division," and SCP "Special Mission Division." This change is being implemented at all of the AFMC Air Logistic Centers.

Essye Miller, former 75th Communications Group Director, will now lead the 75th Communications and Information Directorate as that directorate stands up and assumes its mission.

Maj. Dave Anzaldua, 75th CS commander, contributed material to this article.

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