75th MDG welcomes new commander, changes ahead

The 75th Medical Group has welcomed a new commander here. Col. Donald C. Hickman, the 75th MDG commander, has set forth future plans for expansion making the medical group more reliable for both staff and patients while still maintaining their core values to prevent, heal, prepare and deploy.

Medical renovations of the Airman Clinic and military side of Building 570 are under way to make more room and maximize space.

"In about a year there will be almost a brand new facility inside with a lot of capability,: said Hickman. "For starters, our physical therapy center is expanding by almost 50 percent, and we are changing the way we do optometry to make it a much better clinic."

The clinic renovations are not the only part of the changes on the way. The staff-to-patient ratio is also going to change in order to make it a better and less time-consuming experience for everyone.

"Lt. Gen. (Charles B. ) Green, the new surgeon general (for the Air Force), is taking initiative to put together teams which consist of two providers and five medical technicians to every 2,500 patients," said Hickman. "With our staff of providers, doctors and medical technicians being almost fully manned, we should be able to do much better and (provide) timely service to our customers. Just as important, we will be able to provide the flexibility to our providers and doctors to make sure they get a scope of practice with some interesting cases."

While in the process of expansion of both physical and internal operations, the medical group is also able to maintain the core values: "Prevent, Heal, Prepare and Deploy."

"The Health and Wellness Center offers great programs to help individuals prevent illnesses," said Hickman. "I believe it is an individual's responsibility to take control of your own wellness."

In times that one does fall ill the medical group is there to offer the care and treatment of the individuals at Hill AFB. The staff also offers training classes for self-aid buddy care and other courses to make sure that Team Hill is prepared to deploy in one's best mental and physical states.

Hickman joins the Hill AFB team after 22 years of service. This will be his second tour at Hill, and he is very excited to see the changes and successes the medical group will acquire over the next few years.

"I was very excited to be given the opportunity to come back to Hill Air Force Base, and my family and I love being part of Team Hill," said Hickman. "I have the pleasure and privilege of being part of the finest medical group and clinic. My team of approximately 400 members are all a fundamental part of Team Hill, and we exist to take care of human beings from the time they are born to the time they retire and then after."

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