101 Critical Days of Summer drawing to a close with encouraging stats

Safety concerns were at an all time high during the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day at Hill Air Force Base. With an increase of outdoor and recreational activities, the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign encourages service members to use active- risk management throughout these high-risk months.

"The Air Force has experienced 13 fatalities with auto mishaps, four are associated with motorcycle mishaps," said Ron James, 75th Air Base Wing Ogden Safety Office chief of ground safety. "Hill AFB has not contributed to that number."

To decrease your chance of a vehicle injury be sure never to drink and drive or get in a vehicle with someone who has been drinking, always go the posted speed limits and if one feels drowsy don't get behind the wheel.

"Personal risk management is the key to reducing injuries and deaths," said James. "Accident investigations show that most people involved in mishaps never really asked the question: "What could go wrong, and can I live with the outcome?" James said.

Vehicle accidents are not the only risk during summer months, as outdoor and recreational activities tend to increase as well.

When participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or any sport outdoors, remember to hydrate often and always use the proper safety equipment.

According to Web MD, not drinking enough fluids can cause muscle cramps and one may feel faint. By the time one becomes severely dehydrated one no longer has enough fluids in the body to get blood to the organs, causing shock, which is a life-threatening condition.

Although this safety campaign is designed to let service members know that it's okay to have a good time, always remember that when participating in outdoor activities or getting behind the wheel of a vehicle of the risks and consequences of what could happen.

"We encourage everyone to apply personal risk management so we do not experience mishaps for the remaining 101 days of summer season," said James, as the season was coming to a close, but safety concerns don't end just because summer ends. Team Hill is encouraged to remain safety-minded

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