Bystander intervention key to values

Hello Team Hill, this installment of SARC's Remarks focuses on bystander intervention.

One of the cornerstone concepts of bystander intervention is that sexual assault does not normally occur "out of the blue" or in isolation from other supporting influences. Sexual assault is most often a crime that is committed by a person who believes that the social and cultural climate supports their acts or, at a minimum, will shield them from being detected or from receiving harsh consequences.

Social climate can be understood by drawing a comparison to plant life.

There are plants that thrive in certain environments and cannot survive in others. When the climate in the Air Force supports the actions and attitudes consistent with the Air Force "Core Values," the fruits of that climate will reflect those values. On the contrary, if the climate is either neglected or not monitored carefully, it may support attitudes and actions that not only undermine Air Force "Core Values," but implicitly support offenders who take shelter in the weeds of an unhealthy environment.

For assistance at any time of day or night, call the following telephone numbers: SARC, Janaee Stone, (801) 777-1985 or (801) 920-9179; Deputy SARC, Capt. Jose Milan, (801) 777-1964 or (801) 430-3368.

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