YES! begins to catch on with commissary patrons

FORT LEE, Va. – For commissary patrons such as Alexis Bishop, the new “Your Everyday Savings!” (YES!) program makes a good deal even better.

“The YES! program is absolutely amazing,” said Bishop the spouse of a soldier assigned to Fort Lee, Virginia. “The prices compared to [stores off base] are – you cannot even compare – they’re amazing here.

“I know [the commissary] is doing the best that it can to provide for our military and for families. So, I want to thank you for what you’re doing [with] the YES! campaign because it is amazing.”

A few weeks after the Defense Commissary Agency’s June 1 launch of the YES! program, a number of patrons from the Fort Lee Commissary voiced their opinions of it. The program is designed to help make stateside commissaries more competitive with commercial retailers by consistently lowering prices on the items patrons purchase the most. Commercial retailers often lower prices on certain popular goods to attract consumers into their store where higher prices on other items await.

YES! items include popular brands of flavored iced teas, pasta, macaroni and cheese, canned meats, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, baby food, nutritional shakes, potato chips and other selected snack foods, various produce items that will rotate throughout the year, apple juice, vegetable juice, coffee creamer, coffee, energy drinks, soup, paper towels, toilet tissue, bottled water, dish soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, pet food and various rotating produce items.

For more information on the program, go to the YES! web page under the “Shopping” link on


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