2nd Audiovisual Squadron: Still ‘Getting It Done’

2nd Audiovisual Squadron: Still ‘Getting It Done’

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — A new name, more energy, same mission! March 29 is the activation of 2nd Audiovisual Squadron.

The new squadron has a unique history. When you trace the squadron’s lineage back over its 50-year history the name has changed 13 times. What hasn’t changed is the location of the unit in building 1269 on Hill AFB’s west side.

Name change no. 14 will see Air Force Public Affairs, Operating Location-H, officially become 2nd AVS at 2 p.m. March 29 during a ceremony at The Landing.

Originally established in 1967 as OL-1, 1365th Photographic Squadron, under the umbrella of the Aerospace Audio Visual Service AAVS in the Military Airlift Command MAC.

“Our attitude was we were going to get it done, and we were going to do it better than anyone else,” said William Harris, the first television officer in the Air Force and founding member of the unit more than 50 years ago.

With each name change, the unit has endured as the preeminent audiovisual production facility in the Air Force.

Throughout the past five decades, the Airmen of the unit have continued on with the award-winning “Get It Done” attitude. Most recently earning the 2017 Maj. Henry “Hap” Arnold Award for Public Affairs Communication Effectiveness presented for the most effective communication support to an Air Force event. In this case the Air Force’s yearlong 70th Birthday Celebration.

In 2014, a headquarters restructure disestablished the 2nd Combat Camera Squadron and created the current Operating Location-H under Air Force Public Affairs Agency.

“The evolution of the unit from a squadron in 2014 to an operating location and now back to a squadron makes sense in the context of Gen. David Goldfeins desire to revitalize what he calls “The beating heart of the Air Force…squadrons,” said Tom Cowan, AFPAA OL-H director.

The mission remains the same – create the Air Force’s highest quality audiovisual products by combining a robust training environment with industry-leading equipment and talent.

Creating quality audiovisual products couldn’t be more evident than now. Over the past year, the unit earned seven AFPAA photography awards to include Military Photography of the Year and eight video production awards, the most of any single organization.

Maj. Melissa Milner, the incoming 2nd AVS commander said, “I’m excited to join such a dedicated and talented team who are completely focused on delivering innovative solutions to their customers. The ingenuity and imagination from their most seasoned to their youngest Airmen are their greatest strengths. That pride and creativity in their work will continue to drive how they help customers share their stories and ultimately how the Department of Defense accomplishes its mission.”

As the 2nd AVS moves into the future, they have debuted a new morale logo that is symbolic of the unit’s history. The morale logo is based on the Phoenix, the mythical long-lived bird that is reborn to new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

The Phoenix logo is most appropriate given the many changes the organization has gone through in its history.

The 2nd AVS recently showcased the “We Get It Done” spirit when asked to create a high-profile video called AFwerX, a production about the Air Force culture of innovation. The squadron also produced two live broadcast transmissions of the U.S. vice president and secretary of the Air Force in Las Vegas and Nellis AFB earlier this year.

The unit went from conception to conquering challenges to successful execution in less than 10 days.

No matter the name, the men and women of the new 2nd AVS will continue to promote an environment that challenges the imagination, inspires innovation, and excels at delivering powerful imagery and original storytelling all while, “Getting it Done.”

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