Top III share lessons learned

Top III share lessons learned

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — Team Hill’s Top III Professional Development Committee hosted a leadership seminar here, March 1, where senior NCOs re-enacted some of their own decision-making experiences for junior enlisted and NCO supervisors.

The committee is charged with designing tier specific training for enlisted Airmen.

“Most Fortune 500 companies use various forms of role-playing when training their management teams. So, why not the Air Force,” said Master Sgt. April Anders, Top III member and Your Move event developer.

“We have the duty to teach our NCO corps through professional development courses, but being able to provide them with the practice that can somewhat make up for a lack of experience is something often underutilized, but invaluable and was the driving force behind Your Move,” said Anders.

Attendees watched and discussed in small groups four different decision-making scenarios they will likely encounter as supervisors. The scenarios were personal decision-making experiences of the re-enacting senior NCO.

Re-enactments dealt with appraisals, discipline and the importance of having a game plan based on Air Force Instructions.

“There were some really good scenarios, especially with the new EPR system,” said Senior Airman Donald Figgins, an aviation resource manager assigned to 421st Fighter Squadron. “The training was relevant because no matter what kind of supervisor or Airman you have you are going to run into these types of situations.”

More than 40 Airman attended the event targeted at E-6, E-5 and E-4 supervisors.

Since it was stood up more a year ago, the committee has provided career assistance and leadership focused training to more than 400 Hill Airmen.

The Top III Professional Development Committee offers training courses quarterly.

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