2018 Hill AFB Tech Expo

2018 Hill AFB Tech Expo

2018 Hill AFB Tech Expo

Wednesday, March 21, 0930-1330

at The Landing, 7420 9th Street, Building 450, Hill Air Force Base

Hosted by AFCEA Wasatch Chapter

Briefing Schedule

0930 – “Protecting Dod’s 100 Gig to 400 Gig Big Data networks in transit and storage,” by Secturion

1030 – “Idntity Assurance and Insider Threat Analysis,” by CyberArk

1130 – “Hardened Cyber Defense for Tactical Advantage in a Contested Environment,” by Owl Cyber Defense

1230 – “Leverage Continuous Monitoring to Improve Threat Detection,” by SolarWinds

Pre-Register Online at

https://fdaexpo.com/register.php?id=241 or onsite.

Free and open to all DoD, Military and Contrator Personnel. (Must have gate access to attend.)

For More Information:

jade@fdaexpo.com 660-624-0869

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