New uniform for the Air Force Honor Guard

New uniform for the Air Force Honor Guard

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — In a nod to the Air Force’s proud history, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Air Force Uniform Office in partnership with the Air Force Honor Guard have designed a historic era dress blue uniform for honor guards across the service.

The new design was fashioned after uniforms from the 1940’s and initial prototypes were debuted at the 2017 Air Force TATTOO and featured in last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Capt. Taylor Harrison, program manager for the Uniform Office said that not only did the uniform mark the Air Force’s 70’s anniversary last year, but it recognizes the contributions of the Honor Guard.

“They [Honor Guard] have a very hard job,” Harrison said. “It’s such an important job for the Air Force, so being able to give them a special uniform that sets them apart and takes us back to the heart of where the Air Force started is cool.”

This summer, the Uniform Office will conduct fit tests at bases across the Air Force, in order to improve the new uniform. Once the tests are complete, a decision will be made by senior Air Force leaders on whether to make the uniform available to all honor guard members.

Tracy Roan, a designer with the Uniform Office said that the feedback they’ve received about the uniforms has been positive.

Roan also talked about the challenge of designing a uniform that fit the needs of all honor guard members.

“The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team also wears this uniform,” Roan said. “They have to have a lot of special movement for throwing the rifles and doing all of the things they do. We had to make sure that we build in their ability to do all of those maneuvers with a tailored look.”

“We’re just really excited about this program,” said Harrison. “Not only does it recognize honor guards across the Air Force, but the fact that we were able to turn it around as quickly as we did was really nice.”

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