Employees urged to keep emergency contact information up to date

Employees urged to keep emergency contact information up to date

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — Updating your contact information might seem like a trivial chore, but you’ll likely be glad you did in the event of an emergency.

Employees are urged to update their personal emergency contact information in two Air Force systems – the AtHoc mass notification system and Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System.

AtHoc Mass


From fires and floods to earthquakes and accidents, getting notifications about emergencies affecting Hill AFB is only a click away.

AtHoc, managed by the Hill AFB command post, can be used to notify employees of urgent information during emergencies such as an active shooter, natural disaster or other event impacting the installation.

The system is capable of sending notifications to users via a phone call, text message or email, reaching thousands of users simultaneously. Messages are sent through the same system that provides pop-up notifications to personnel through their workstation computers.

All military and non-bargaining civilian personnel are required to provide an after-hours contact number or personal e-mail for emergency notifications. Providing this information is voluntary for bargaining unit employees, contractors and non-appropriated employees.

However, base officials encourage all Hill AFB employees to opt in.

This summer, AtHoc was used to relay a message to employees that outbound traffic at the Roy Gate was closed due to a civilian aircraft that crashed on Interstate 15. Other common notifications sent via AtHoc include emergency traffic information, severe weather and wind warnings, and delayed reporting due to inclement weather.

Instructions for adding or updating contact information in the AtHoc system:

1On a government computer, click the AtHoc icon (“purple globe” on the right side of the taskbar) and select “Update My Profile.”

2 A secure Internet Explorer page will appear. Here users can update their personal information.

Additionally, in this window, personnel can “Opt-In” and select choices such as unit commander or facility manager to receive specific notifications targeted to those personnel. Individuals can also “Opt-Out” of specific notifications including weather advisories and watches, wind warnings or heat stress conditions.

3 Be advised that each field in which data is provided can be used for notifications, per the commander’s discretion. Participants requesting text message alerts should know that they will not be reimbursed for any text messaging charges incurred.

4 Click the Save button in the upper right corner when finished. Please note that work email address and after hours phone contact number are mandatory in order to update your information.

Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System

Another system used to support the workforce is AFPAAS. Emergency contact information in AFPAAS is protected and is critical when a large-scale disaster or event occurs.

The system is a tool that helps Air Force leaders account for employees and their family members potentially affected by catastrophic events.

The Air Force activated AFPAAS during Hurricane Irma that hit the southern United States Sept. 9-10 and again used it Oct. 11 to determine if there were personnel impacted by the California wildfires. During both events, Airmen and civilians were asked to log in to the AFPAAS and account for themselves and their family members.

In addition, following the Weber Canyon wildfire that threatened homes and other structures Sept. 5 in Uintah, officials used emergency contact information employees registered in AFPAAS and called personnel possibly affected by the fire to offer assistance such as lodging.

Instructions for adding or updating contact information in AFPAAS:

1 Open Internet Explorer and go to https://afpaas.af.mil.

2 A pop-up window will appear advising users that they are accessing a U.S. government system. Click OK and then click the Airmen/Civilians button.

Here users are prompted to log in to AFPAAS using a government command access card. Members can also use a smartphone to log into the website via a user ID and password. New or updated password and username information can be obtained or established on the site.

Select a method and click the Login button.

3 A secure Internet Explorer page will appear. Click on the My Info button.

In this window, personnel can edit and verify contact information and for them and their family members. Click the Save button at the bottom of each page when finished.

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