Combat dining-in delivers fun, AF heritage

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — More than 60 Airmen wearing combat gear and face paint and armed with water weapons gathered here Oct. 14, for the Team Hill 5/6 Combat Dining-In.

To get into the event, Airmen had to run through a path of tires that led to an obstacle course. In the obstacle course, Airmen crawled and maneuvered their way around lasers that emitted a loud alarm when touched.

The president of the dining-in, 75th Air Base Wing Commander Col. Jennifer Hammerstedt, called the event to order. Then, Madam Vice, Staff Sgt. Nicole Hobbs, sent the first two Airmen who showed up late to the grog bowls, which were toilet bowls filled with liquids and marshmallows from which attendees had to take a drink. Other infractions earning trips to the grog included things such as elbows on tables or even pointing.

The guest speaker retired Chief Master Sgt. Robert Brown, gave a riveting motivational speech on the importance of letting Airmen make their own decisions and mentoring others. “Find your ‘golden baton’ (your message or your legacy), and hand it to the next generation!” he said.

After the speech, the four teams — Team Alpha, Team Bravo, Team Charlie, and Team Delta—competed against each other with water guns, nerf guns, and water balloons. The teams also competed against each other to disarm an alarm-rigged vest using a toothpick, paper clips, flashlights, wire cutters, and a stick of gum. In the end, Team Alpha prevailed.

The Team Hill 5/6 sponsors the continued growth of Hill AFB staff sergeants and technical sergeants as supervisors and noncommissioned officers. If you are interested in attending the next Team Hill 5/6 meeting, it will be held on Nov. 2, 2017, at The Landing in the Wasatch room.


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