AF officials release 2017 Air Force Handbook 1, Airman and enlisted promotion study guides

AF officials release 2017 Air Force Handbook 1, Airman and enlisted promotion study guides

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-Randolph— Air Force officials have released the 2017 Air Force Handbook 1, Airman and the Enlisted Promotions Study Guides.

AFH-1 is available at and also on every Airman’s government computer desktop. To find AFH-1 on Air Force e-publishing, search for AFHandbook1.

Individual study guides for each enlisted grade, that are created from information within the handbook, are available for immediate download at These guides aid Airmen testing for promotion beginning with the February 2018 testing cycle. A .pdf file for each enlisted grade is available for download in preparation for the United States Air Force Supervisory Exam or Promotion Fitness Exam.

As reported previously, master sergeants testing for promotion in the 18E8 promotion cycle will still use the 2015 version of the senior master sergeant study guide as study reference material.

“The publishing of the new Air Force Handbook 1 is the first step toward revolutionizing this product for our Airmen,” said Chief Master Sgt. Juliet Gudgel, command chief for Air Education and Training Command. “As AETC moves forward with the Continuum of Learning, we need to look at how this product is delivered to the force. In order for our Airmen to be successful, we need to find a way to modularize AFH-1 so that it is portable from any device and from any location.”

Also available is the Military Knowledge and Testing System chart. The chart is available as attachment 1 in individual study guides and used to determine information required for promotion testing. The chart helps determine the importance of each section of information for testing to each grade. AFH-1 is a compilation of policies, procedures and standards that guide Airmen’s actions within the profession of arms.

Since February 2012, the primary Weighted Airman Promotion System study reference material – formerly the PDG and now the AFH-1 – has been available online in a variety of electronic formats through AETC’s Airman Advancement Division websites. The handbook has not been printed or distributed since October 2015.

For more information, please contact the newly assigned AFH 1 program manager under AETCs Airman Advancement Division, email

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