Newest Hill AFB SNCOs inducted

Newest Hill AFB SNCOs inducted

OGDEN, Utah – Team Hill welcomed its newest senior noncommissioned officers into the highest enlisted tier during a ceremony at the Eccles Center here, Aug. 18.

The evening event included dinner and certificate presentations. The guest speaker was Airman 1st Class Terrance Wilburn, a combat munitions training instructor assigned to the 649th Munitions Squadron, who provided perspective on behalf of all junior Airmen.

“Throughout your careers you have had different experiences, tests, and trials that have shaped you into the persons you are today,” said Wilburn. “You have learned how to take those challenges and experiences and turn them into learning and building opportunities.”

Wilburn asked the inductees to remember the things that got them where they are now, and to lead and mold the junior enlisted corps who will one day take their places.

“I take every chance I get to observe and model myself after those above me in rank and experience,” he said. “I believe that most Airmen feel the same way. We strive for strong leaders and role models, and count on the generation before us to lead us to success.”

Through humility and servant leadership, Wilburn challenged the inductees to make an already strong Air Force even better.

“I hope to see men and women that are eager to plant knowledge and offer guidance to [junior-ranking] Airmen, empowering us to perform tasks at the highest level and achieve the excellence that is expected of us,” he said.

Hill AFB’s newest master sergeants and master sergeant-selects are:

Jon C. Adams

Gregory D. Allen

Luciano A. Amaza

Richard A. Baugh

Douglas G. Bays

Daniel Beurer III

Joshua P. Blair

Tiffany M. Borries

Michael P. Boyter

Kevin J. Bupp

Vincent M. Carrasco

Benjamin L. Cheng

Curtis L. Claude

Jared M. Clements

David Clifford

Clifford Daniels Jr.

Ryan D. Daschofsky

Jason L. Davis

Willie J. Dawkins

Justin M. Daywalt

Kristina M. Decot

Morgan J. Doehling

Matthew J. Doyle

Vail T. Downs

Ryan M. Dunlevy

Christopher M. Eckhardt

Brian T. Edwards

Tamika N. Felder

Marcos A. Flores

Jared A. Graham

Douglas S. Gillen

William J. Gulley

Vaulta M. Hanni

Gregory A. Horner

Jenna L. Heck

Scott M. Heim

William K. A. Hitchcock

Jared A. Jackson

Shauna M. Klicko

John G. Knowles

Wesley C. Kory

Albert Lamboy

Levi G. Lampert

Dietrich C. Lehr

Vincent P. Lemau

James L. Lentz

Jesse R. Lentz

Timothy K. Lincoln

Jacob F. Loewen

Kyle P. Lovell

Phillip Lowery IV

Jefre D. Mantlo

Christopher McConnell

James R. McCormick

Jim Mclarty III

Mark J. Medonis

James V. Mikus

Kelvin Q. Minor Sr.

Jason M. Moreland

Clayton B. Moreno

Matthew R. Morgan

Leslie Myles Jr.

Brian M. Neeley

Michael A. Ohearn

Alexander L. Ortiz

Tierra L. Owens

Scott P. Patteson

Michael Powell

Christopher D. Powers

Matthew L. Prechtel

Michael Quinby III

Martin Ramirez Jr.

Kenneth W. Rice

Kevin Riggleman Jr.

Philip R. Santos

Robert Sasseen II

Jonathan Saucedo

Jeromy M. Schweitzer

Michael J. Semmerling

Wayne S. Shaw

Chad Shurter

Kyle W. Sluys

Andrew J. Smithwick

Michael M. Stolp

John Sweeney III

Valerie J. Taitingfong

Eric S. Tate

Phillip W. Taylor

James M. Tett

Shawn K. Trickey

Jason M. Truskowski

Darlene Q. Tydingco

Jansen Velante

Jacob A. Vernon

Richard A. Villafranco

Joshua A. Weichert

Jonathan P. Whelan

David A. Williams Jr.

Teri M. Wiltcher

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