7 ways to get smart about TRICARE

7 ways to get smart about TRICARE

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — When you need information about your TRICARE health care benefits, turn to TRICARE.mil. In addition to this website, there are a number of resources to help you learn about your coverage and important health issues.. Take a look at seven ways to get smart about TRICARE:

• Handbooks, Guides and Booklets

When you have questions about TRICARE benefits, coverage or costs, visit the TRICARE Publications page. You’ll find handbooks, guides and booklets that cover eligibility, enrollment and health plans. For example, the TRICARE Dental Program Benefit Booklet gives details about dental benefits from preventive services to claim filing. There are also booklets if you use TRICARE overseas or stateside.

• Fact Sheets

The search words “fact sheet” on the publications page will lead you to short fact sheets that describe specific programs and benefits. The Cost and Fees fact sheet lists your costs for TRICARE programs and services. The Appeals fact sheet describes how to file TRICARE medical appeals.

• Newsletters

Check out our Health Matters newsletters. The overseas, stateside and dental newsletters feature seasonal articles, news and health information that impacts the TRICARE community.

• News Articles

Stay updated regarding your TRICARE coverage by reading the latest TRICARE news articles. The articles cover health and seasonal issues, ranging from childhood obesity to summer safety and help you use TRICARE to stay healthy.

• Videos

Find videos about your medical and dental coverage on TRICARE TV. TRICARE TV gives you short overviews of important topics, such as well woman exams, covered preventative services or avoiding mosquitoes this summer.

• Podcasts

Listen to our weekly podcast, TRICARE Beneficiary Bulletin. The podcast highlights recent news, military health care and issues that affect TRICARE beneficiaries. Transcripts are available for each episode.

• Webinars

Our monthly webinars let you listen to briefs by TRICARE subject matter experts. You may submit questions for the experts to answer. Sign up for upcoming TRICARE webinars and watch previous archived webinars on the Military OneSource website.

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