Commissary fast facts: 150th anniversary of commissaries marked by hot savings in July


Commissary shoppers worldwide will be a part of history July 1 as the Defense Commissary Agency observes the 150 th anniversary of the benefit with special sales promotions, contests and giveaways. “The 150th anniversary of commissaries is a historic milestone for the military and stands as a living legacy of service to the most important patrons in the world – our service members and their families,” said DeCA Sales Director Tracie Russ. “Along with our industry partners, we are proud to continue delivering the significant savings this benefit is built on.” As DeCA lights the candles on its 150th-anniversary cake, the agency’s industry partners – vendors, suppliers and brokers – are collaborating with commissaries to offer discounts in July beyond everyday savings. Always check what’s on the “end of the aisle” for themed items with extra low pricing. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotions. Patrons can see the sales flyer at or get a copy at the store.

Commissaries support Feds Feed Families campaign

Since June 1 and through Aug. 31, DeCA employees and patrons at over 150 commissary collection points are donating nonperishable items and personal hygiene products to support the Feds Feed Families campaign. “This serves the communities around the commissaries,” said Randy Eller, DeCA’s Feds Feed Families manager. “Our patrons and employees show by their participation how much they value their communities. These donations are just one of the ways they help.” Some commissaries have pre packaged donation bags available for purchase with donation drop-off locations set up throughout the store. Customers can either purchase a prepackaged bag, select items while shopping or bring items from home as donations. To read more about the most-needed items for donations, go to

Want to save on your emergency supplies? Try your commissary

To prepare for nature’s unexpected fury, the Defense Commissary Agency encourages its patrons to use their benefit for emergency supplies. “Last year we saw firsthand how a major storm can destabilize communities when Hurricane Matthew flooded roads, cut power and shut down stores,” said Tracie Russ, DeCA director of sales. “Each year, our industry partners help us offer tremendous savings on many of the items our patrons need to be ready for an emergency – natural or man-made.” DeCA’s severe weather promotional package includes discounts on the following items: beef jerky and other assorted meat snacks, soup and chili mixes, canned goods, powdered milk, cereals, batteries, airtight bags, weather-ready flashlights, tape (all-weather, heavy-duty shipping and duct), first aid kits, lighters, matches, lanterns, candles, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Specific items may vary from store to store.


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