Catherine McNally, Hilltop Times staff
On July 16, the 34th Fighter Squadron "Rude Rams" celebrated not only the success of their last deployment to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, but also the rich heritage, dedication and passion of all Rams, both current and past. That afternoon the Rams furled their flag and inactivated as a squadron but continued to stand strong together as "America's finest." Before its inactivation, the 34th FS... Read more
Mary Lou Gorny, Hilltop Times editor
Ongoing plans for transportation corridor solutions for the western portion of Davis County will be highlighted at a series of open houses as officials ask for resident input. All open houses are from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. They include: •Tuesday, Aug. 3, Sunset City Hall, 200 W. 1500 North •Wednesday, Aug, 4, Kanesville Elementary School, 3112 S. 3500 West, West Haven •Thursday, Aug. 5, Legacy... Read more
Hilltop Times staff
Kandice Atisme309th Maintenance Wing"I sit inside and I go to the gym to work out." Randy Bowers573rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron"I've got an air conditioner and I walk to work." Airman 1st Class Adam Ruiz388th Fighter Wing"By working out in the gym with weights and staying hydrated with a gallon and a half of fluids a day." Master Sgt. Daniel Bosche388th Fighter Wing"I jog early... Read more
Catherine McNally, Hilltop Times staff
Being a spouse in the military -- newly married or celebrating a 20th anniversary -- can be a difficult job at times. While husbands and wives are off to defend the country on the front line, spouses are left to defend the home front. No matter how tough it gets, though, spouses should know that their Key Spouse representatives have got their back. The Key Spouse program is a commander's program... Read more

Commentary: Action Line Q&A

Hilltop Times staff
Action Line Q&A Question: As a retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant, I find that the lack of training displayed by the 388th Fighter Wing headquarters staff when displaying the flag I spent 25 years defending, deplorable. On this particular occasion the nation's symbol was flown at half-staff to honor the late Sen. Byrd from West Virginia, which is right and proper, however the U.S. Air... Read more
Mary Lou Gorny, Hilltop Times Editor
Hill Field Elementary School got some welcome news recently when in late June the Department of Defense announced it had approved an application by the school for approximately $600,000 in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) funds in the form of a grant. "We are very, very grateful to the Department of Defense for its insight in understanding that these children above all... Read more
Brian Wayman, 524th Electronic Maintenance Squadron
Not too long ago, I found myself thinking about the significant roles both the operations and support functions of an organization have on the organization's overall mission success. Having served 24 years in the active duty Army and now several years as a federal civilian employee, I've always viewed everyone in my chain of command as an equally essential part of the team. Whether you're a... Read more
Charles Ramey, Nellis Public Affairs
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. -- As he flies a combat air patrol over the cities of Medina Wasl and Medina Jabal, Capt. James Russell pushes up the throttle on his F-16. His $20 million aircraft is running low on fuel and a KC-135 is standing by in the distance to top off the tanks, but it will have to wait. Soldiers are pinned down in a firefight below and he can hear the hail of gunfire over the... Read more
Hilltop Times staff
AETC special duty team briefing Aug. 3 Have you ever considered taking on the challenge of replenishing the ranks of Air Force as an Air Force recruiter? Molding civilians into highly motivated airman as an Air Force Military Training Instructor (MTI)? Mentoring and guiding young Airmen as they transition from BMT as a Military Training Leader (MTL)? Enhancing the careers of countless future and... Read more
Catherine McNally, Hilltop Times staff
It's hard for a parent to see their child get hurt, even if it's just a small bump or scratch. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when children need medical attention or when a home treatment will suffice. Parents know best Though doctors and qualified medical professionals can provide guidelines on when injuries are serious enough to merit a doctor's visit, it's important to remember that, as... Read more

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In the know Wheels of WonderThis is final Month of the Military Child event at... more