Vosler NCO Academy grads

The Forest L. Vosler Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Peterson, Air Force Base, has released the following list of July 15 graduates from Hill AFB:

Air Combat Command graduates include: Tech. Sgt. Jason Greene, Tech. Sgt. Michael Gustafson

Tech. Sgt. David Hartman, Tech. Sgt. Darrin Sather, Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Martin graduating with the John Levitow Award, Tech. Sgt. Chet Warren

Air Force Materiel Command graduates include: Tech. Sgt. John Herrin, Tech. Sgt. Tamara Hall, Tech. Sgt. Corey Hotel, Tech. Sgt. Bryan Letts, Tech. Sgt. Gregory Sawchuk, Tech. Tech. Sgt. John Tucker, Sgt. Malia Ware

Air Force Reserve Command graduates include: Tech. Sgt Eileen Safford, Tech. Sgt. Cassandra Honrado

Aerospace Education and Training Command graduates include: Tech. Sgt. Jeremiah Clayton graduating with distinguishment, Tech. Sgt. Raymond Comfort, Tech. Sgt. Charles Davis