Show your Team Hill spirit by submitting concept

By Marilyn C. Dean
Center Awards manager

The Hill Air Force Base Spirit Award Committee is soliciting designs for the 2012 Hill AFB Spirit Award Pin. The pin will be approximately 1 inch in size and can be one or more colors. Your input should include a full size image of your design as well as a smaller version to give the committee a realistic view of the actual pin size. Submissions must be your original artwork and cannot infringe on any copyright laws.

The purpose of the award is to allow employees to recognize their peers for their contributions to the team and to their country. Entering the contest gives the Hill community the opportunity to show their patriotism and support not only to the mission but also to the team. It is an opportunity to reflect what our consolidated mission means to the individual.

Many of the entries received over the past years have been merely sketches. Judging is accomplished based on the spirit and intent, not on the beauty. There are employees we can get to help us evolve the basic design or sketch into a pin.

The design should represent a personal interpretation of the Hill AFB mission and be inspiration towards the patriotism we all share.

Please email your proposed design to as a PowerPoint presentation or as a JPEG image. If you do not have access to e-mail, you may mail it on plain bond paper and include a disk to:

Marilyn C. Dean


Bldg. 1102, Room 9

7981 Georgia Street.

HAFB UT 84056-5816

All submissions are due no later than Wednesday, Nov. 9. Please be sure to include your name, organization, organizational address and phone number. The contest winner will receive the first 2012 pin and a certificate.

If you would like more information on the Hill AFB Spirit Award, please contact your wing or directorate awards manager or see Hill AFB Instruction 36-2803. For questions concerning this contest, please contact Marilyn C. Dean at DSN 777-1891.