Remembering Veterans

By Mitch Shaw
Hilltop Times Staff
April 3, 2014


FARMINGTON — We were soldiers once — and young.

That message, simple as it may be, is what Kent Hansen is trying to convey with a project he’s working on at the Davis County Memorial Courthouse in Farmington.

Hansen, commander of American Legion Post 27 — which is headquartered at the courthouse — says he’s on a mission to gather as many photos as possible of Top of Utah American Legionnaires when they were young and in their military uniform.

The photos will be displayed on a large wall with a centerpiece that reads, “Land of the free, because of the brave.”

Hansen said the intent of the project is not only to illustrate sacrifices many veterans have made during their youth, but to celebrate them as well.

“It’s not only fun to see what we looked like when we looked good,” Hansen said of the project. “But (it’s) also a remembrance of the service rendered by these good people who loved their country.”

Hansen has already received a handful of photos from area veterans, which are currently being displayed at the courthouse, and he’s looking for more.

“They can send them in color, black and white, even a portrait will work for those who pre-date photography,” Hansen said. “You’ll never get a better chance to show when you were younger and skinnier.”

Hansen said he’s solicited old legion members, new members, veterans who haven’t joined the legion, and even family members of veterans who have died.

Photos currently on the wall represent soldiers from nearly every American conflict since World War II.

“We’ve got everything from World War II right up to today,” Hansen said.

He said his ultimate goal is to fill the entire back wall at the post’s headquarters in the courthouse.

“This is a growing thing, it’s a living document where we’ll get more and more pictures and it will spread out,” he said. “As we get more and more (members), we’re always banging on them to get their pictures in. We envision the entire wall eventually to be filled.”

For more information on how to get your photo on the wall, contact Hansen at

Applications for American Legion Post 27 are available at the Davis County Memorial Courthouse, 28 E. State St., Farmington.

Post 27, chartered by U.S. Congress on Nov. 23, 1926, has provided continued support for war veterans, the U.S. Armed Forces, children and youth, and the communities of Davis County, according to a proclamation drafted and approved by the commission.

Davis County recently allocated office space in the Memorial Courthouse free of charge to serve as the post’s headquarters.


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