Action Line


Q: As a former military member who spent years at Hill AFB either TDY or assigned to Hill, as well as more than a dozen years as a contractor on Hill AFB, I’ve seen a lot of changes with the South Gate and South Gate Drive traffic flows. Many years ago it had a 30 mph speed limit, which was lowered to 25 mph, and ultimately to 20 mph so that people traversing between the maintenance areas and the parking lots could safely cross the street without having to go through the tunnel (which most chose not to do). Then they added traffic signals with immediate light changes for pedestrians. With the addition of all these traffic lights, that allow cars and pedestrians to cross safely, does the speed limit need to remain at 20 mph or could it safely be changed to at least 25 mph if not preferrably 30 mph? When there is no law enforcement presence monitoring speeds on the street, most people drive 25-30 mph already. 

A: I have asked members of the Traffic Safety Coordination Group to look at and consider your suggestions. Both pedestrian and vehicle safety in the area you describe along South Gate drive is extremely important. Because we have experienced a multiple number of “near misses” and complaints at these crosswalks over the years for excessive speed and inattention, even with the addition of traffic control devices, we have had to reduce the speed limit in order to effectively address these behaviors to ensure the safety of all. Therefore, I cannot approve a change in speed limit due to the opportunity for a serious mishap.