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Q: Is there somewhere on the website that tells the base’s status for inclement weather? During the recent snowstorm, I see that it was posted on Facebook and Twitter; however, for people who do not have Facebook or Twitter, they would not have known there was delayed reporting. Other base websites i.e. Wright-Patterson, Hanscom, Andrews, etc. post the inclement weather status on their home page. Can Hill AFB do the same? Also, I did receive the text message notifying of the delayed reporting time; however, some people did not receive it. What is the requirement for people to receive those notifications? 

A: Thank you for the feedback. I believe there’s merit to your idea of adding a permanent section on the Hill website to inform people in the event of Hill AFB weather impacts and I will ask my Public Affairs staff to look into it. I also understand there were numerous personnel who, despite having their information updated in AtHoc, were not notified about the recent delayed reporting. This was due to a software issue that should be resolved shortly. However, for those who did not get notified because they have not updated their information, I strongly recommend you do it by using the instructions at this link: “ Update Instructions.docx”. The AtHoc system is capable of providing users with immediate text or email notifications in the event of inclement weather, natural disasters or other emergency situations affecting the installation. An additional method to check the status of Hill AFB weather impacts such as delayed reporting or early release is to visit the websites listed below. I encourage you to bookmark all of these links and keep them handy to get the most up-to-date information about issues impacting Hill. Facebook: Twitter: Website: